Shellys Drinks was established in late 2016 with the creation of a unique Mulled Gin. The instant popularity of this spirit drink on a Manchester Christmas market led to the idea that it could be bottled for everyone to enjoy at home. Blending and heating up big pans of London dry gin with festive spices and apple juice on cold December evenings in a northern city proved to be a phenomenal success with visitors to the event. The blended drink was designed to be heated up and served with fruit juice, like in Dickensian times when Gin was served warm.

The Shellys London dry gin base is citrus-driven and offers a dry, light-bodied finish. Perfectly set for the addition of a variety of fruits and spices.

This was followed by lots more experimentation and a touch of nostalgia to create the other Shellys including Raspberry Ripple and the Fig, Vanilla and Cardamom gin-based spirit drinks. The most recent additions to the Shellys family are Rum based including Banana, Rhubarb and Peanut Butter flavour.

All the spirit drinks start life in Shelly’s kitchen, where she experiments and trials different natural flavours with the select spirits. There’s always a variety of bottles and jars on the kitchen worktop containing fruits, spices, flavourings and spirits in varying degrees of tweaking, rejection or wow – that’s delicious!